Our Recipes

Orkney Cheddar have partnered with two Scottish Michelin Star chefs in the past - both known for their love of local produce. The chefs are also no strangers to the Orkney Isles; their restaurants demand the best produce, and naturally, they favour much of what the Orkney Isles has to offer. From the wild Orkney hares, to the beautifully washed through Scallops and, of course, the strong and creamy Orkney Cheddar.

Due to the unique dry stir method used in Orkney Cheddar production, the cheese is ideal for cooking as it produces very little grease or moisture. Here at Orkney Cheddar, we decided to harness their passion for Orkney produce and challenged them to get together to create some classic cheese dishes and canapés that reflect our extraordinary island tradition.

Browse through the classic cheese dishes - you will find recipes for everyday meals, something a little more special and some quick and easy cheese based canapés - something you can conjure up swiftly at home if you've got 'tasteful' guests coming over.