We feel an immense sense of pride about the Orkney Isles - it is filled with extraordinary people, places and, of course, produce. It has a warmth that extends from its people to its landscapes and through its heart. A place where craftsmanship forms the basis of everyday life. Today Orkney remains relatively unchanged from long ago and traditional methods, crafts and skills live on. It is this unique heritage that makes Orkney special.

On our tour we had the pleasure of meeting local craftsmen, farmers, producers, fishermen and even jewellers, as well as getting the opportunity to taste the finest meat, shellfish, whisky and cheese the island has to offer.

It was an extraordinary tour, to a truly unique place. On the next few pages you will find a selection of images and information about the people, places and produce we experienced. We hope you enjoy them as us much as we enjoyed our tour of extraordinary tradition.